Types of Support

As one of the UK’s leading providers of Shared Lives, we are able to offer a number of different services, so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

Long term

If you have an ongoing support need, and feel uncomfortable with the idea of living alone or as part of a residential setting, a long-term Shared Lives arrangement provides the perfect option.

You will be carefully matched with a carer, and meet on multiple occasions prior to support beginning, to ensure compatibility. Once moved in it is simply a case of living your life, in a safe, environment where you become part of a family.

You may wish to develop your skills, become involved in new activities/community events or create new relationships. Either way a Shared Lives arrangement will enable you to do these things in a way that suits you, ensuring support is there should you need it.


Short term

You may be facing a period of transition in your life, or be looking for additional support to overcome certain obstacles. It may be that you want to take the next step towards independence but require help with confidence.

It may even be that you have faced some difficult times with your current domestic situation which mean you need an emergency placement in an environment you can trust, with people who will provide the support you need.

If so we can offer Short-term Shared Lives arrangements, which can be anything from a few days to several months. It may be the case that you find Shared Lives is providing you with the tools you need and the placement becomes a permanent living arrangement. Whatever your personal need, Shared Lives can help to provide the solution. 

Short breaks and respite

If you are supported by a family member, there are times when either you, your carer, or both of you need to take a break. This could be a holiday, or just a period of respite in which you need additional support.

Our network of carers, who span the North of England and can offer short breaks and respite in beautiful locations such as seaside towns and historic cities, offers you the choice to take a relaxing break in a safe, family environment.

As with all of our Shared Lives care options, you will be matched with a family whose interests and lifestyle mirror your own. And we will ensure you have access to the facilities you require (e.g. downstairs bathroom, wheelchair accessibility etc.).


Daybreak is an innovative approach to structured, supported leisure opportunities for people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and older adults.

Provided by The Avalon Group’s Carers in and around their own homes, Daybreak offers a tailored service with the chance to plan your own activities.

Up to three people at one time can enjoy a wide range of supported opportunities such as:








Flower arranging




Horse riding



The service can also involve trips out to places of interest.

Daybreak story

Doncaster Family

Hi I am Julie, I am 30 years old and I have a learning disability. My Carers are Susanne and Peter and I go to their house three days each week. On a Monday I work on sewing projects, Tuesdays is a craft session, where I make cards, gifts and scrap books, then on Friday I help out in the garden, sowing seeds looking after plants and vegetables; I even get to take some home.

My lunch is provided and transport is organised to drop me off and collect me.

We tend to go out shopping or to places of interest, sometimes we watch a film; we even do baking together. If we are out and about we will have our lunch out. I really enjoy the change from home and catching up with June. It gives my daughter a break so she can get things done knowing that I’m happy and safe

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Our Services

Shared Lives

Shared Lives is a pioneering alternative to traditional methods of care. Under the scheme, fully trained carers open their homes to allow people to live with them either on a short or long-term basis.

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We provide a range of services to support people in their communities, including life skills, money management, learning, work opportunities or anything you might need support with, we can help.

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Living with Dementia

We offer a totally personalised dementia care service, involving home assessments and flexible support hours to allow you to remain in your community, surrounded by the people you love.

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