Going Further Than Ever

Date: Nov 7, 2019

Back in June, we heard from our customer Marty in Teesside, who had achieved an amazing outcome by travelling with his support team for a day in York, where he visited the railway museum, and had a fabulous day.

This represented a huge step for Marty, as his needs mean that travelling away from home involves a lot of planning ahead, to ensure that Marty is safe and happy.

He enjoyed his daytrip so much, that he immediately set a much larger goal of travelling to Blackpool. After 3 months of planning, and with his support workers Clare and Mark by his side, Marty made the trip and it was a really special time for him.

He planned a full day, visiting Madame Tussaud’s and having his picture taken with several celebrities, and going to the Seal Life Centre. He then had a walk along the promenade and played some arcade games, before fitting in a dash around some gift shops in time for 5pm, when the famous Blackpool Illuminations were switched on. Marty loved watching the lights go by as he passed beneath them, and had a truly fulfilling day.

Marty’s sister lives in Blackpool, so after his fun-packed day, Marty took the opportunity to spend some time with her, where they enjoyed reminiscing about old stories and having a good catch-up.

It is hard to overstate just how much this trip meant to Marty. This is the furthest he has travelled from home, and represents the coming together of a great many people over a period of months to make sure everything went well for Marty, and that he had a great experience.

You’ll be unsurprised to find out there are now many more trips being planned, and we will share more adventures with you during the next year. Well done Marty!


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