James Plummer, Business Development Manager

“I support our localities to grow and strengthen their services”


Hi, I’m James and I work between home and our office in Harrogate.

I started with Avalon in 2014 as our Marketing Co-ordinator, and I haven’t really looked back since.

I chose Avalon because I wanted to work at a charity that put its customers at the heart of everything it does. And that’s why I’m still here today.

My Avalon journey

I think one of the greatest things Avalon offers its employees is the opportunity to really grow, develop and shape their roles within the organisation. The organisation puts a lot of trust into its people, and that means we all get a lot of autonomy – and that’s something I really value. In my time at Avalon I’ve seen my responsibilities grow from Marketing Co-ordinator, to Communications Manager, and now to Business Development Manager.

I’m now in a role that I know I’m really passionate about, and that’s because I’m able to play a part in making sure we’re always improving the incredible support we provide our customers.

Why it’s the best job I’ve ever had

I love working at Avalon because its an organisation that doesn’t just listen to its people, it values what they’re saying. And that’s why I know I’m able to make a contribution to the future of charity – which is something I’m really passionate about. Every day when I’m working hard to find funding for the charity, I know I’m doing something that will help us continue to create those meaningful moments our customers cherish so much. I have never worked somewhere so committed to inclusion. It’s had a huge impact on my professional and personal life because now I look and listen widely for ideas and influences outside of my own. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt working at Avalon, it’s seeing the value of so many different points of view and opinions.

My best ever day at work

In my time as Communications Manager I was privileged to play a big part in our annual awards. Being involved in capturing the stories of the nominations people submit, and then seeing the impact of the work our people do is always the highlight of my year. From the employee stories to the customer achievements – I value nothing more than being able to share the inspiring tales of how we help people live more independent, fulfilling lives.

What it’s like to work here

We’re so lucky that it really is like being part of a family to work at Avalon. It’s a warm, welcoming, friendly culture and if you’re enthusiastic and motivated, it’s the kind of place that supports you to develop your career however you want to. I know that, because that’s exactly how it’s been for me. Because we’re a charity, there’s always opportunities to get involved with things outside of your usual role. I’m sure it’s written into my contract somewhere that I have to host and compere the conference and the Christmas quiz – and I happily do it with a cheesy grin, and a sparkly suit (for real!).

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