Say hello to Avalink 

Avalink is our strategic customer committee – an incredibly important group of our customers from each of our localities who act as the eyes, ears and voices of all of the customers we support. There’s at least one representative from each of our localities, and their job is to consult with their local customers, and make sure everything Avalon does is with our customers in mind. 

Avalink is all about inclusion; our people taking control of their lives and the way they are supported.  

Here are just a few examples of the difference Avalink has made to Avalon. 

  • Choosing staff and assessing carers 
  • Running training courses 
  • Changing policies and procedures that impact customers 
  • Writing articles for our newsletter and social media feeds 
  • Advising on accessibility  
  • Guiding us through our branding refresh and website updates 

What Avalink members say: 

“Avalink meetings are fun and we make good friends. It is also really good to be listened to and make decisions that make a difference.” 

“It is important to me to be the voice of Avalon’s customers and to make sure Avalon does their best as a company to ensure customers get the best support.” 

Avalink is industry renowned 


Avalink’s presence has been felt not just within our organisation, but across the Social Care sector. In 2016 Avalink were awarded finalists for the ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ award at the National Learning Disabilities and Autism Awards. This is something both Avalink and Avalon Group as an organisation are hugely proud of, and goes to show just how huge an impact the group has on improving the lives of countless people. 

To find out more about Avalink contact Avalon on 01423 530053 or email avalink@avalongroup.org.uk  


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